A day in the life of Jess, owner & creator of Scrunchy Bum

It was a pleasure when Jessica and June (her mum) approached us, eager about their hopes of a new website and branding for their company Scrunchy Bum. We were instantly as excited as them and launched www.scrunchybum.co.uk just in time for their Cosmopolitan Magazine debut (more about that later).

As we do with all of our clients, we like to get to know them. We interviewed Jessica to see what she gets up to day to day…


I am definitely not a morning person and I’ve learnt to accept that. A fat coffee is much needed every morning for my eyes to open!

Four days a week, Jess works at a local law firm which is flexible enough to let her have her own company and go for lunch meetings at The Women’s Organisation. Jess makes sure that Fridays are solely dedicated to her company and she will schedule appointments and prioritise next week’s ‘to do lists’ whilst coming up with designs for new lines and collaborations. She will also check in at REX, a concept store in Liverpool selling independent labels, where Scrunchy Bum is currently stocked.

“Lunch time is for phoning my mum to see if she can send an email via Scrunchy Bum, for booking meetings with BOLD to see how my website is getting on, or answering interview requests with PR people”


When Jess isn’t working ,you will find her running on the Albert Dock or sweating it out in a ‘Ashtanga’ session (no, we didn’t know what it was either – read here) so that she is ‘staying in line with her brand and having a lifestyle for a bikini body’.

Her evenings consist of more work and checking and updating her social media pages. Some advice she gives to fellow entrepreneurs is to “know your weaknesses and delegate. Me and my Mum have different strengths and weaknesses and at first I would micro-manage everything but now I know the importance of delegation. My mum does the bits she’s good at and I do the bits I’m good at – that way we are much more organised and get way more done”.

Scrunchy Bum has a busy summer ahead, they are sponsoring an event in Ibiza, appearing on Channel 4 and have just been published in Cosmopolitan magazine!

#TEAMBOLD wishes Jessica, June and their company all the best for the future!